Dark Siege

Devinson's Journal #3

Game 6?

I sit here resting after we have planned an attack on the cult of Ogremach that has taken over the Everwatch Keep. Reflecting back on the events that happened in Red Larch, it is not surprising that I have not wanted to write them down. I don’t even think I want to write them now too, but my mind has been preoccupied with my failings in the town.

As someone devoted to Aeylan, I wonder how I have strayed so much from the truth. I know that I’ve lied in search of a greater truth and finding out what has happened to the Paladins is of utmost importance, so maybe small lies for a greater truth is a necessary evil. My first lies came as we walked into town. One of the town leaders asked if I was a Paladin, and I denied my calling, fearful that the town would be put on alert, especially if anything to do with the missing Paladins happened in town. Later, when my failings of the flesh took root and I found comfort with a young lady I had requested be sent to my quarters, I lied to Dragoslav in saying the the woman who ran the bar had sent her to me in hopes that I would want her, and instead questioned her about the town (which I did after I slept with her) and then sent her on her way, Aeylan forgive me.

As we finally got to the bottom of what was happening and how much of the town had succumbed to the promises of a false god, even the priest himself leaving his calling to worship a stone god. How does one let that happen. How did Braxis, leading a community of good people, fall to false gods and abandon or worse sacrifice his flock to such a god. If that could happen to him, could it happen to me. It won’t, as long as Aeylan protects me from such weakness.

There is more to focus on now than that. As we travelled toward Everwatch Keep, we came across another monk – how I detest those zealots worshipping Ogremach – in battle with a pair of manticore that had attacked their group. All had died except one. Once we rescued him and drove off the manticores, with support from Dragoslav and Yotho, and somehow Krug magically appearing high up on the ledge without climbing, I aggressively questioned the monk, whose name is Alvalore. Apparently he had been convinced by another monk that his own calling of monks was misguided and he joined with these monks. After spending time with them, he realized what the true outlook of the monk of Ogremach was and decided to leave. He was heading to Red Larch and was going to flee them there when his band was attacked. I believe him and he has decided to join us and return there and help us rid the keep of this evil that has plagued it. Alvalore has shared his extensive knowledge of the Keep with us and we have a plan that we will shortly be executing, Aeylan willing.


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