Dark Siege

Devinson's Journal

Game #1

Strange few days. As I stood on the deck of the Cloudbreaker , the Ae-Ship taking me (and my crew?) to Sera Tin-Opal as my uncle bid, (I am to meet with a contact in hopes of learning more about the Prophecy spoken by a seer (most say mad woman) who spoke before the Aegis League and was condemned by most, except my uncle) I had an oddly vivid flashback to the day I met my crew those accompanying me on this task…

It was about a year ago, at the Feast of the Bloodkin War, our celebration of independence from the dandies of Mun-Palass, when I had just met my future wife’s – ugh so hard to imagine that day looming like a storm cloud over my future – bastard brother, Dragoslav and his man, Yortho. They had come to “accompany me” or babysit me until my nuptial day, and here I was hosting two Mun-Palassians while celebrating our freedom from them – not the evening I had in mind…

As we sipped beers, the door burst in and in fell a beautiful woman…I was shocked to see it was a face from my past. I had looked for her as clandestinely as I could for years ever since the day she nursed me back from that injury…anyway, it was Deidre, hurt badly. I quickly called forth a blessing from Aeylan and healed her and called out for help in seeing what caused this. Dragoslav and Yortho came reluctantly, but to my surprise the Goliath in the corner also shot up – must have been looking for some action. His white, scalish skin that I could see beneath his furs was disturbing, but more so was the magic he conjured in a way I had never seen to produce light to guide us.

The light only allowed us to see where we were going, the destination was clear…a giant purple font of energy was pouring down from on high from the boneyard…not a good sign. We moved to the boneyard and when we arrived, I saw a hideous sight…the dead rising from their graves. I knew that this was to be a test from Aeylan, blessed be the Truthbringer. I quickly blessed Dragoslav to keep him safe from those abominations. With the Barbarian Krug at my side and Dragoslav and Yortho taking up rearward positions – how noble – we engaged the undead. The light seemed to be emanating from the plateau atop of the boneyard, so as soon as I felt my companions could handle the skeletons, I continued to push forward while they finished off the previous group, as they came in waves. If it were not for Krug’s powerful swings with his maul, the skeletons could have been difficult to send back to rest.

I finally pushed through to the top of the plateau, with Yortho at my side when I sight that sickened me filled my vision: a foul blaspheming necromancer was summoning the dead along with four thralls of his (which I was to find out was incorrect). Four more skeleton’s rose to come to me when I was appalled to hear Dragoslav’s braying voice calling for aid – he had been somewhat injured by a skeleton. Instead of the tactical sound decision to stand ground and face our foes, Yortho ran back to aid his master, a move that could have doomed us. Luckily, I held our ground until Krug could arrive, followed by Drago and Yortho, and we continued our push.

When I finally broke free from the bony ones, I sprinted to plow through the blasphemer’s followers, only at the last second realizing they were more of the undead: zombies. As I fought them and my companions came forward, through Aeylan’s blessing and the inspiration I felt flow from him, I used my faith in His teachings to weather a number of spells hurled in my direction from the necromancer. Krug and I once again took the front lines, the other two stayed back in support. However, from some magic, the necromancer transported himself behind Yortho. There, I saw the value of our support personnel. As the necromancer engaged Yortho, Drago moved behind him in a flanking position – sound tactics. Unfortunately, his attack missed and the necromancer turned with some wicked lightning spell and lashed out at Drago with it. Yortho, enraged by the attack on his master picked, the necromancer up and hurled him into a gravestone, breaking the injurious spell. seeing my chance to end things I broke from the remaining zombies and forced the necromancer to submit, praised be Aeylan.

Of course, Aeylan rewards those who serve him faithfully, so when I returned the necromancer to the House of Arms and the Valiants there, they approved of my actions (helped by my comrades) and took me back into training for my final oath and my initiation as a full-fledged Valiant. This training took the better part of the year, which could not be broken for a marriage and luckily my uncle requires me to attend this urgent quest, again putting off that painful day. I found Krug, who had been passing time as a mercenary, to accompany me – he proved valuable in that battle a year ago, though his “magic” is disconcerting – he will have to beware in Phaedrii. Feldra’s family must have spies among the servants of my family or my uncle’s, since no sooner had I returned home, did Drago and Yortho show at my family’s doorstep again. However, this pressing matter could not be put off, so they’ve accompanied my on this task, also. The flashback has reminded me that we need to talk. They are clearly not battle hardened warriors, but as they showed, they do have skills that could be useful. However, if we do not learn to work together, and something else like that night happens again, we could all end up dead.

As it is time to sleep I will try to dream of Deidre and the times I was able to slip away from training to spend a delightful few hours or even an occasional night with her. I hope she received the message that Willam had delivered to her to tell her of my departure. Actually before I sleep I must check on him, Philip and Davis, I know they are nervous of this flying ship, but not as much so as Krug.


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