**Across the vast oceans of space, beyond the sea of stars, the battle for the survival of an entire universe is about to begin…

This is Bellenos, your world, rich with life, dangerous creatures, and powerful magic. Home to the men of the Elder States, whose ancestors are said to have descended from the stars in a time long past called the Age of Legends. Home to the mysterious Vayld races

…and home now to a newly awakened evil the likes of which existence has not seen since the dark times.

A primeval spirit is stirring in your world, stirring from its eternal slumber, hungry for the light on which it feeds, seducing the weak minded to serve its dark will and bring about its return to power.

Only you, a brave soul some call hero can stop this power from rising! Only your skills, your wits, your nerve, and your will can stand a chance of defending your world and saving existence from oblivion.

Only you can defeat the DARK SIEGE!**

Dark Siege

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